Hi, my name is Alan and welcome to my travel site. I am originally from England and lived in Houston, Texas, for many years before moving to Saudi Arabia for work. I started my career as an editor, developing documents for NASA in Houston, but over the past couple of decades or so I have worked mostly as a writer and editor in the oil and gas industry. I love both travel and coffee and use this site to combine both of those interests. I aim to provide my readers with information that they will find helpful for their own travels. I sometimes travel solo, but mostly I travel with my wife and two children. My wife’s family is from Indonesia, so I look forward to writing about that great country and some of the unique cafes there, as well as other locations around Asia.

Interested in writing a guest post for publication on anothercappuccino.com? Please send me a brief summary of your story idea and I will contact you if I think it will be a good fit for my site. Please do get in touch with me via my Contact Me page.

Happy travels!!


This is me at the Grand Mosque, Bahrain, May 2013.

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