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Café Liwan, Corniche, al-Khobar

Today I visited Café Liwan, located in a new shopping strip next to the corniche. It had been recommended to me by a Saudi friend as a place to find traditional Arabian coffee, served in the traditional way with a dallah (coffee pot).  It states on the company’s website that the café was established to […]

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Saudi Arabian coffee etiquette

Some weeks ago I found a copy of “Saudi Customs and Etiquette” at one of the Jarir Bookstore branches in al-Khobar. The book was written by Kathy Cuddihy, based on her experience from many years of living in Saudi Arabia. The book is well researched and includes a useful and fairly comprehensive glossary of cultural […]

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Cappuccino at Sado Café

Yesterday morning I went to al-Rashid shopping mall in al-Khobar to pick up new eye glasses and look at the new Blackberry phones. Last weekend I went to the mall to see whether I could schedule an eye test and to also look at some new frames. I chose Barakat Optical, on the ground floor, […]

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Currencies in use in the GCC countries

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries consist of six Arab countries: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. These countries are located in close proximity to each other across a relatively small area, alongside the Arabian Gulf (or Persian Gulf, as Iranians call it). Many travelers are likely to visit more […]

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This website was featured on a tv channel yesterday. It refers to itself as an “urban walking route planner.” You can enter a start and destination location on the home page and it will display a route map for the walk. It will also display the estimated journey time, number of calories that can be […]

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grand mosque

Day trip to Bahrain, May 2, 2013

I went to Bahrain today with a Saudi friend. In the morning we crossed the King Fahd Causeway from Saudi Arabia, negotiating the customs and passport control checkpoints in about an hour. We headed first to the Bahrain Mall, a small shopping mall in the capital, Manama. The most beautiful feature of the mall was […]

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